Text Box: Churches of Christ In Christian Union

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Date: 10/06/2010

Time: 7:25 PM

To contact us:

Phone: 607-797-3338

Camp Caretaker Sharon Ziegler 607-206-9597

Fax: 607-770-1482

Email: wyattbuchanan@yahoo.com

Text Box: The Churches of Christ In Christian Union. 
Celebrating over 100 years of Godís Faithfulness !!
Text Box: Here we Grow Again!! The Camp Association along with the NED General Board is calling all friends of the camp to help us as we add a 40í x 80í overflow and gymnasium to the back of the existing dining hall. Friends of the camp have helped us raise over $12,600.00 so far but we need to raise an additional $60,000.00 to build it debt free. 

Would you help us in this cause? It would give the camp needed overflow for banquets, an indoor recreation facility for youth camp and conference space, as well as help our goal of year round usability.  

If you would like to give use the link below. 
Text Box: Lily Lake Proposed Dining 
Hall Extension
Text Box: All donations are tax exempt and a
receipt for your donation is available
 at your request.